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The casino roulette game

Dear Visitor, Our online roulette portal was created in order to guide beginner and experienced players about the different roulette strategies, rules and tips. we are constantly writing new articles, strategy guides and reviews about the latest online roulette casinos. although our main focus is for online roulette games, you can find here material about the land based roulette table as well.

If you are just starting out, we advise you to first read information such as, how to play online roulette, the difference between the roulette systems, and where you can download & play roulette for free.

Intermediate players can find here additional resources, articles and guides such as online roulette odds calculators, winning strategies and the different online roulette systems (similar to the land based ones). In depth topics are a bit more professionally made, and discuss issues such as the roulette table and wheel.

We hope you will find this portal useful, educational and easy to use. team.

Free online roulette games and systems

More than anything else, the Online Roulette wheel is truly the ultimate symbol of gambling. The excitement, the tension, the high stakes and low falls all make the game into the most popular online casino game today. The rules are simple, and almost anyone can play it. In addition, almost no skill is involved, as opposed to online blackjack and other online casino games.

While there are many casinos that offer roulette, the game has never been really popular in the United States, as most roulette wheels in North America have double-zero compartments, which increases the house edge. Most European roulette wheels have single-zero compartments, which allow the players to win more. In addition, most online casinos use single-zero wheels, so statistically, online roulette gambling is the perfect way to win alot of money.

In other casino games systems there is often a safe way to increase your chances of winning. However in roulette, no such systems exist, as the turns of the wheel and the falls of the ball are completely random. Over the past decades, a few biased wheel have been discovered. However, this was a trend that was stopped by the casinos, who periodically check their wheels.

Achieve Roulette Success
Last updated: August 15, 2006

Roulette success especially online roulette success is not that easy to come by but thanks to these roulette tips, roulette advice and roulette hints you will. (continued...) online casino gains momentum
Last updated: October 03, 2012

The online casino has been around for quite some time now - and it is gaining even more momentum these days for a couple of reasons. (continued...)

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