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Online Roulette News

MotorCity Casino Adds Electronic Roulette Table

On January 27th, 2009, like awkward teenagers at a school dance, the two examples of casino players-slot machine players and casino table players-rarely match. But the advent of new technology being launched at the city's gaming halls has helped casino managers hoping that the line dividing two different sets of players will vanish. MotorCity Casino's Vice President of Slot Operations Phil Trofibio said that they are putting their hopes on Virtual Roulette, a game that is usually played on live gaming tables in a separate gaming area. But with an easy-to-use touch screen gaming interface and lower wagering limits, electronic roulette should be well-liked by casino gamers especially by slots players.

For a business that relies on keeping its players entertained, the brand new technology aims to connects different players and give them a new way to win and the casino facility to make some profit. Two of the city three casino facilities are using Virtual roulette and the other casino is looking on how the new roulette technology can fit on its own gambling floor. Placed in curved rows, the whole set-up places player gaming stations-complete with comfortable seating and big, clear touch screens-with a state-of-the art central wheel.

But with no casino dealer, the whole gaming process is automated. Players place their money into their station, which then advises them of the recent winning patterns and how to properly place wagers. The machine then counts down until "no more wagers" is called and the ball is spin. Roulette players can then stand up and watch where the ball will land or just watch from their screens, which shows a video feed of the roulette wheel's action.

Winners will then be informed of their wins and losses and the whole process will start all over again. Trofibio said that the benefit from the game is that it can be compared with a real roulette wheel. That is goods news for roulette players who want the standard roulette game but are looking for a faster way that is available on an automated gambling device. The game also offers numerous advantages for slots lovers, especially those who prefer to play away from the intimidating set-up of a standard casino table game.

With the player taking control in front of their touch screen, it is similar to the standard video-based slot machines. The roulette machine also accepts a smaller minimum wager, starting at just $5-which is half of the usual roulette betting minimum of $10-the electronic roulette table allows more players to take advantage of the bigger game payouts. The Managers at Greektown Casino, the city's 3rd biggest gaming facility stated that their own version of electronic roulette is helping to solve the gap between slots players and casino gamers. Greektown's acting director of casino table games, Preston Bosket said that his organization has taken a different approach on the problem.

Greektown casino calls their own version of electronic roulette "Rapid Roulette," which follows the same rules use in standard roulette but incorporates one roulette dealer who patrols the station of the game to help players and answer their questions about the game. The $10 minimum is the same as the live roulette tables. Neither the MotorCity Casino nor the Greektown Casino revealed how much they have spent on the electronic roulette machines.

But casino officials said that the investment is worth it. MGM Mirage spokesperson Yvette Monet said that they are constantly studying brand new gaming technologies and is considering adding similar games at their MGM Grand Detroit Casino.


February 24, 2009
Jeneth Grenville

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